Still here but don’t have time to work with CNC

Posted: November 12, 2011 in My CNC Build Log

Hello, For anyone who read my blog and/or follow my work ,i’m sorry for nothing update on my blog, i don’t have time to work with it and have something to do and now flood situation is not good for me. Whatever i will update on my blog if i have something new and maybe i will rewrite my blog on my site with ENG version and much more detail about Mach3 config and how to setup correct step motor without axis calibrate.

And i hope my blog will help someone like me that don’t know about CNC and don’t know how to start and what CNC look like.

Any suggestion , advice , comments are welcome.

Thank you, iD2

  1. jocosus9 says:

    แต่จะยังเข้ามาชมเรื่อย ๆ นะครับ

  2. eatonbusch says:

    I would buy for $9.99

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