DIY CNC Part 62 : DIY Cyclone dust collector

Posted: September 4, 2011 in My CNC Build Log
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     Hello 1,2,3 week not much update and look like my routine work will busy for a couple month but i’m try to finish my personal work too. OK before i mill something like wood ,soft plastic , acrylic , MDF (this is a big problem when i want to work with this because it make a lot of dust and Yeah!!! my machine in my bedroom too) so i need to do something to collect dust , after research i found this “DIY Cyclone Dust Collector” that it good guide and it awesome but if i do that it will need some tool that i don’t have it so let’s think how to make it easy and cheap ?.
     After no time to design i decide to go to home store to find something to make that and yeah i got it.

Stuff for do cyclone dust collector

     After work with white one (don’t know what it call in English) but it not work for me, so look around in my room i found plywood so i decide to use it for replace the white plastic but need to cutting it cycle but not easy to do it by hand tool , OK i have CNC Machine Haa.. why don’t use it.
     OK, Finish cutting but not good result i burn wood that mean i not correct spindle rpm and cutting feed rate but it ok i’ll find best spindle speed and cutting feed rate next time. Let’s see.

Cutting Plywood and some stuff

and here when finish , i’m sorry for not do take a shot of work progress

This first test to use it and it work but still have a problem with vacuum it so noisy if i use it for couple hour maybe my neighbor (other room that close to me) will kill me, i need to make it silent but how????.

My Cyclone dust collector


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