Newbie guide to build your own mini CNC machine with less tools, Part 58

Posted: July 31, 2011 in My CNC Build Log
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     OK, After try to adjust my table top about 0.7mm. I’m try to adjust right side of table top but not much to do with it if i press right side down about 0.7mm that will make my table top will better surface but my linear position was change too , so that mean i need to dissembly it to move linear back to the same position it not a good choice for me.

     I look back to my Google sketchup design and my note , i got the solution for it and this solution i already design for it but this solution is not much detail in my note, just only note that it will be happen and i can use …. (what word for “no accuracy of cheap power drill”) to adjust it. OK let’s see detail how?.

1st, try to adjust right side of table top.

2nd, Press Y axis down

Note :: It not much that it can adjust , it depend with distance between bolt and hole of Y frame in my case i drill hole with 14mm but cheap power drill with make hole bigger , hole will be 14.5mm or 14.7mm and the 0.5-0.7mm that happen it is max length to use it for adjust Y axis (and more factor such as hole position because when you drill hole the position was not precision by me or/and by cheap power drill)

After finished, Measure it again

It still not equal but 0.2mm it acceptable.

What in my note?

Sorry for description in pictures if it not clear , try to use easy words i’m not good in English.

  1. jocossus9 says:

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  2. Vicente says:


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