Newbie guide to build your own mini CNC machine with less tools, Part 49

Posted: June 19, 2011 in My CNC Build Log
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     OK, after test spindle to make sure it work and i can make it run. work but i still confuse about ground wire of spindle ???. Now i put it in spindle clamp and it look like it close to finish but actually they’re many thing that i need to do (table top, limit switch , wiring , e-stop , soldering , etc..)


  1. Kyel says:

    Hello, I have been watching your progress via google reader. You are doing a fantastic job!

    Looking forward to seeing the completed machine do its first ‘hello world’!



  2. metaleka says:


  3. jocossus9 says:

    ใกล้แล้ว นับวันที่จะได้รันแล้ว

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