New project , Windows desktop customize !!!

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Windows desktop customize
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     My new project start now. After used rainmeter for a year but used only the default skin , So now i need to create my unique desktop . Let’s go.

1. First, drawing my idea to paper and find some idea on web and here’s my finally concept , it not looking good on paper i never be good in hand drawing skill 😛

My concept
– Screen layout

– System indicator type

– System indicator layout

2. Second, i need to find the wallpaper that suitable with my concept but it waste a lot of my time because i have no skill to create my own wallpaper, so i use 3 weeks to find only 1 wallpaper.

– Choosing wallpaper from 300+ wallpapers, most of them from deviantart

– Here the wallpaper that i decide to use HD Color Blur by Luftherz from deviantart

3.Third, find skin to suitable with my concept and find guide to learn how to write config for my skin

4.Then just do it…………….. and after 3 weeks of try , now it nearly to finish and i’ll show you in next post.

(sorry for my English again)

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